Emma Hennessy is film and theatre actress who splits her time between Boston and New York. Growing up in a small beach town in MA, Emma continues to find she is unable to separate herself from the ocean and as a big advocate of film production in New England she is happy to spend some of her time in Boston. Emma is a recent graduate of the Company program at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. First completing an associates degree from the same school, she went on to audition for their performance based Company year, being one of 15 students to claim themselves as AADA’s 2020-2021 NY Company. During a year when the world was still navigating the effects of COVID, Emma found herself right on the pulse of the changing industry. Versed in streamed plays and zoom auditions, being in a training program where she got to meet dozens of industry professionals, also navigating the times, was one of the best decisions Emma made for her career.

Emma’s experience in acting started at a small conservatory near her hometown. As someone who was obsessed with watching movies, TV and who couldn’t get enough of late night comedy, she felt compelled to find out if the acting bug lived within her. Sure enough she was bit. Her first acting class was an improv class at the age of 15. Emma’s mom had to get special permission for her to take this class because it was traditionally 18+ but coming from a small town, where options are limited, Emma was determined to make it work. To this day one of Emma’s biggest passions is improv. She went on to take several more improv classes at that conservatory and is now making her way through the training program at Upright Citizens Brigade.

Before acting, Emma had swimming. At her peak, she was in the pool 9 times a week. This did not allow for many other extracurriculars so when acting became a real passion of hers, it came time to let go of her first love. Emma absolutely loved her time as a swimmer and attributes a lot of the lessons she learned there to her success in acting. Learning how to discipline yourself and make sacrifices for your passion is something that Emma learned at a very young age. She is constantly surprised how well her athletic career translates to her artistic one. A few of Emma’s other passions include makeup, animals and social media. Emma continues to audition for film and tv roles and build her improv career. She is currently looking for representation.